Support Resources

Special Notice:  In addition to Resources from South Bay InsightLA Practice Groups, we have added links to additional sites that offer support to our community in times of crisis.

Anti-Racism Resources 


As communities throughout the country continue to grapple with the deep legacy and lasting impacts of systemic racism, InsightLA has put together a list of anti-racism resources. These resources offer a tool so we can, as Trudy Goodman has written, "help each other wake up and free our hearts so we can walk together lovingly in this life." Below is a link to these resources, we hope that they can be of benefit.

Shelter in Place Resources


As meditation groups have migrated from on-site locations to online platforms, there are opportunities to practice at virtual retreats and other offerings.  We hope that these resources will help you to find a way to stay connected in the spirit of kalyana mitta during this time of physical distancing. 

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