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Shelter In Place Resources

*Note: In addition to these resources, please see the Meditation section and Calendar page of our website for the schedule of free, online Zoom meetings of our Practice Groups on Tuesday evenings, Thursday mornings and alternate Sunday afternoons.


Daily Vipassana and other Insight Practices – free or minimal donation:

Gil Frondsdal –


Beth Sternlieb -


Sharon Salzburg, others -

Foundation for Active Compassion -

Sangha Live Daily  - 

Upaya Sittings -

Free online resources:


Compassion meditation -


Dharma Seed offers many free talks and meditations -


Tara Brach guided meditation -


Ten Percent Happier -


UCLA Mindful App -

Wise Speech - The Foundations of Mindful Communication - Oren Jay Sofer -

Mindfulness Emergency Kit for Frontline Workers -

Teacher Self-Care Playlists -

Kindness poem read by Donna Mackay at PVPG on May 10th -

Written Posts on Dealing with Crisis by Insight LA -

Online Event/Retreats with sliding scale fees:


Mindfulness of Whiteness Practice Group -

Day Events Insight LA -

Foundation for Active Compassion Online Retreats -


There are many more events and offerings, so this is not an exhaustive list.  Please let us know if you have any to share!  Email Annette Lombardi at

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