"Darkness Is Asking To Be Loved"

By Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

Read on August 4th, RB Group

"Practice in the time of Covid"

By Glen Eichenblatt

Read on April 28th Talk: Dharma Kitchen

"COVID team in Belfast"

By Unknown

Read on April 28th Talk: Dharma Kitchen

"Everything is Waiting for You"

By David Whyte

Referenced at the Palos Verdes Practice Group, April 26, 2020

"A Blessing for Staying Home"

By Joyce Bartlett

Referenced in April 14th Talk: Finding Poise on the Bumpy Road of Life

"And the People Stayed Home"

By Kitty O'Meara

Published on "The Daily Round" Blog, March 16, 2020

Referenced in our April Contemplation

"The Guest House"

By Julaluddin Rumi

Referenced at the "Equanimity and the Worldly Winds" Virtual Retreat, March 21, 2020