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Dana Offerings

If you have gained benefit from our practice groups and other offerings, please consider making a donation to support our non-profit meditation and mindfulness community.


Your contributions provide us with funds to sponsor retreats, host guest speakers, expand our practice groups, and launch new initiatives. You can also donate to InsightLA and Insight In Action programs through our site.

Our donation form has a drop-down menu you can use to select the activity you would like to support. We welcome all donations in any amount.

We offer you deep bows of gratitude for your generosity.

We make it convenient for you to choose a beneficiary of your donation. Please select the appropriate form so that we can allocate your funds to the intended recipients.

To offer dana to our local community, please choose the South Bay InsightLA Donations form. 

To support our parent organization, please use the InsightLA Donations form. 

Thank you! 


South Bay InsightLA Donations


Thank you for your donation!

InsightLA Donations


Thank you for your donation!

"The donor, before giving is glad; while giving, is inspired; and after giving, is gratified." 

The Buddha

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