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Dharma Book Club


Welcome Readers!

The South Bay InsightLA Dharma Book Club is a way for our community to connect through a common interest in books that inspire and enrich our meditation and mindfulness practices.

Join us for our next meeting

Wednesday, June 19
12:00 - 1:00 pm

On Zoom

Moderated by Annette Lombardi

Book Selection:


The Spiritual Experiments of My Generation

By Wes "Scoop" Nisker

About Dharma Book Club Meetings

Take a break and join us for a lunch-time get together to talk about books and authors who have written about the Dharma in a variety of genres. Each book will be covered in a single meeting. On occasion, authors will be  guest speakers at our meditation practice groups after our book club meeting.  Please sign up below to receive a reminder and a  Zoom link the day before our meeting. Participation in the discussion is optional for those who would prefer just to read our book selection or listen to comments. All are welcome! 

About Our Book Selection

“Join Wes ‘Scoop’ Nisker on a wild ride between West and East on his quest for true self and enlightenment. Combining personal memoir and social commentary, Nisker illuminates modern America’s spiritual hunger and chronicles the formation of today’s mindfulness movement. His journey begins in Nebraska as the son of Polish Jewish immigrants and the only young man in his small town to be Bar Mitzvah’ed and continues through the Bay Area’s heyday – including the Beat and hippie movements, as seen from his vantage point as a high-profile newscaster - to the birth of the environmental movement, and the social and spiritual blossoming of Western culture.”

From the Publisher, 2023 edition with Foreword by Anne Lamott

“A joyful, thoughtful romp of remarkable breadth: science, politics, psychology, pop culture and Buddhist dharma woven into a wise, funny, and truly wonderful journey.” 

Jack Kornfield

“Here is a worthy companion: a Mark Twain for our times, whose appetite for reality takes him into ashrams, political actions, and evolutionary science. As Wes shares his adventures, he enlarges our own, laces them with laughter, lets wisdom shine through.”

Joanna Macy

“Nisker’s book takes us on a wonderfully engaging journey. It is the best chronicle yet written about the spiritual adventures of our generation.”

Joseph Goldstein

“Nisker joins the grand tradition of social historians casting a knowing eye at the absurdities of history, … witty, insightful, soulful.”

Daniel Goleman

Sylvia Boorstein

“This is Wes at his best: smart, irreverent, endearing, laugh-out-loud funny, and—in these times when we so badly need it—hopeful.”


Find out more about the legacy of Wes "Scoop" Nisker on his website. There you will discover more details about his broad range of endeavors, from his books, articles, broadcasts, teachings, and even his stand-up comedy acts!

When Nisker passed away last year, Tricycle published an obituary that highlighted many of the things he will be remembered for. It includes references to people and places that are written about in our book selection, plus photos, and links to related articles. 

Nisker was a co-founder of Inquiring Mind, a print journal “dedicated to the creative transmission of Buddhadharma to the West.”  Interviews, essays, poetry, art and more are archived on a site maintained by the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies. You can search the site to find items authored by Nisker.  


Receive a link to our online meeting when you sign up and submit your email address. You can also recommend books in our Comments section!

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