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The South Bay InsightLA Dharma Book Club is a way for our community to connect through a common interest in books that inspire and enrich our meditation and mindfulness practices.

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Wednesday, December 8
12:00 - 1:00 pm

Moderated by Annette Lombardi

December Book Selection:

The Dharma of Poetry

How Poems Can Deepen Your

Spiritual Practice and Open You to Joy

By John Brehm

Dharma Book Club Meetings

Take break and join us for a lunch-time get together to talk about books and authors who have written about the Dharma in a variety of genres. Each book will be covered in a single meeting. On occasion, authors will be  guest speakers at our meditation practice groups after our book club meeting.  Please sign up below to receive more information and a meeting Zoom link. Participation in the discussion is optional for those who would prefer just to read our book selection or listen to comments. All are welcome! 

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About Our Book Club Selection 

“In The Dharma of Poetry, John Brehm shows how poems can open

up new ways of thinking, feeling, and being in the world. Brehm demonstrates the practice of mindfully entering a poem, with an alertness, curiosity, and open-hearted responsiveness very much like

the attention we cultivate in meditation. Complete with poetry-related meditations and writing prompts, this collection of lively, elegantly written essays can be read as a standalone book or as a companion to the author’s acclaimed anthology, The Poetry of Impermanence, Mindfulness, and Joy.”

From the Publisher

“John Brehm is a wonderful teacher. In these lucid essays about poems and poets, and in the carefully crafted exercises that follow, he takes us on a contemplative stroll through the centuries and deeply into our own minds. Poetry and spiritual practice have always had a lot to do with one another; in The Dharma of Poetry we see exactly why - and how.”

Norman Fischer


“The Dharma of Poetry is a warm invitation to explore the beauty of our own lives, retrieving a sense of wonder and mystery as we navigate both the immediate and the timeless.  John Brehm has done a masterful job in reminding us of the power of our own poetic sensibilities.”

Joseph Goldstein

“For a long time I’ve appreciated how poems embody the Dharma through telling the story of a simple lived experience, and feeling the teachings being offered with all one's senses rather than merely through some intellectual understanding. As I read The Dharma of Poetry,  each chapter taught me how to notice more subtleties and nuances in each poem’s Dharma teaching. I learned so much about harvesting more of the depth and breadth of poems from John Brehm’s sensitive understanding of poetry. I now have new ways to read and receive the refinements of Dharma wisdom in a poem, and am so grateful.”

Kamala Masters


John Brehm Website with bio, poems, and news.

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"The Dharma of Poetry" reading and Q&A with John Brehm, sponsored by Annie Bloom's Books of Portland, Oregon.