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Special Events


Our Sunday Morning Practice group is hosting a special series on the Heavenly Messengers. Peggy Kersulis and Eric McCullum will be in conversation about the Buddha’s teachings on impermanence and how we can accept this truth with grace and gratitude. The format will open up the opportunity for Eric to explore with Peggy how illness affects our body, mind and heart, and how our practice can help us prepare for the inevitable. Both teachers have years of experience in counseling others in therapeutic and hospice settings. When they come together as Dharma teachers and friends in this special series of meetings, we will all benefit from the compassion and wisdom that arises in conversation. So, save the dates and make sure to join us!  Registration is not required and you can find the Zoom link on our Calendar page, here.  


We are very pleased to announce that a new series of Insight Thru Improvisation Dharma Workshops is being offered by our community members, Christen Sussin and Kathy Popoff. Join us to experience the benefits of increased confidence, creativity and comfort with change through the practice of Improvisation. This exceptional offering is a fundraising initiative by our Improv coaches, and proceeds will be donated South Bay InsightLA! More information and registration is available on our Dharma Workshop page, here. 

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